Eco Pvc Roofing  is a South African based company that specializes in the supply of quality roofing materials & turnkey roofing solutions.


Our imported ASA-UPVC roofing sheets and accessories provide a creative and innovative alternative to “traditional” roofing materials and are highly durable, weather-proof, anti-corrosive and heat insulated.


Available in IBR and corrugated profiles ASA-UPVC roofing sheets form the perfect solution for a wide range of applications such as heat insulation as well as roof & wall construction in residential, agricultural and industrial settings.


All our products have undergone extensive testing and in virtually all aspects ASA-UPVC roofing sheets sets the benchmark against which all other roofing material is measured.







ASA-UPVC roofing sheets are constructed through a co-extrusion manufacturing process whereby up to 4 layers of synthetic materials are bonded together.


The product offers excellent colour stability, strong UV resistance with an exceptional service life. Other characteristics include water, fire, weather and mold resistance and excellent heat and sound insulation.


ASA-UPVC roofing sheets are light yet have an excellent strength-to-weight-ratio and are extremely easy to install. Using Eco Roof Sheets therefor represents a considerable cost saving when compared to earlier mentioned “traditional” sheeting material.


Application options vary from decorative to heavy duty roofing and the product is available in both corrugated and IBR profiles.

ASA-UPVC roofing sheets are ideally suited to be used in production plants, factory warehouses, various breeding enclosures and residential structures. The product’s anti-corrosion properties make it the number one choice for roofing and walling in chemical plants, printing & dyeing plants and solvent factories where acid/alkali and other corrosive substance levels are high.

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